541 Main ST, STE F170 Atlanta GA 30324 | RIGHT ACROSS FROM THE LINDBERGH MARTA STATION 404.400.5995

 sa-wad-dee-ka / Hello,
Our restaurant is right by the Lindbergh Marta Station! Come see us at 541 Main ST, STE F170 Atlanta GA 30324 or call to make your reservation 404-400-5995


2017 OpenTable Diners' Choice Award


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DiscoverOur Story

Why Twenty-Six?

It was at the age of 26 when I finally fulfilled my lifelong dream of opening my own
restaurant – simple as that!
Niki Pattharakositkul
Founder and owner of 26 Thai Kitchen & Bar

Findout my passion

Food is my passion. As a young girl in Thailand I absolutely loved to cook. I would spend hours in the kitchen alongside my mother, honing and perfecting my craft (although sometimes making a mess in the process!). I learned delicious traditional Thai recipes using authentic, seasonal, fresh ingredients – and always preparing everything from scratch. There was nothing more satisfying than witnessing firsthand how sharing great food brings people together. I was hooked – at that moment I realized my life dream would be to open a restaurant of my own.


Findout my passion

Since graduating from college in 2012, I’ve searched extensively for the perfect location for my restaurant. Finally, in 2015 I found a space in front of Lindbergh Marta Station. It was love at first sight! This location has everything that I’m looking for – a transit oriented development located in a rapidly growing neighborhood featuring a mix both businesses and residential components. Immediately I said to myself, “This is it! 26 Thai Kitchen & Bar.”





What can you expect from Twenty-six?
Customers can expect fresh, delicious, and authentic Thai food made from scratch, and utilizing only the finest, locally-sourced ingredients. We love every dish on our menu! You can expect exceptional service from our staff; all of us are well-trained and extremely knowledgeable about the food that we serve. We offer a wide selection of alcoholic beverages, including domestic and Asian beers as well as hand crafted classic and Asian fusion cocktails. In addition, we stock a premium selection of wine. Our seasoned chefs, with years of experience cooking at 5-star Hotels across Thailand, expertly marry culinary sophistication and rustic charm to provide a culinary experience that is truly unforgettable. You won’t have to go to all the way to Thailand to indulge in authentic Thai cuisine. Let us be a part of your finest dining experience. Call and make a reservation today!